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News, 30/4/2020

The termination of the TRP HERMES project

At the end of April 2020 the project TRP HERMES entitled "Development of Holistic Government Model (HGM) for an efficient and effective Slovenian public administration" was successfully completed. The developed model with its statistically verifiable methodological approach filled the research gap related to the lack of empirical research on governance models. During the last three years (from 1 May 2017 to 30 April 2020), the project team varied several research activities that supported the project in its complementary objectives as follows:

  • Creation of internet solutions for efficient review of the academic literature in the field of governance for each governance model and its characteristics.
  • Preparation of a comprehensive review of the existing academic literature, which included the study of governance models, the identification of criteria for "good governance" and the identification of key challenges.
  • Preparation of an online questionnaire as well as a paper-based questionnaire that comprehensively covered the activities of each institution both from the perspective of an individual set of actions and the principles of "good governance".
  • Development of the analytical e-solution, which provides users with a comprehensive and comparative insight into the functioning of the individual institutions and the willingness to achieve "good governance".
  • The application of a survey questionnaire and analytical e-solution based on a sample of 91 Slovenian public sector institutions.
  • Preparation of preliminary analyses of the collected data using various statistical tools such as SPSS and Orange Software.
  • Presentation of the project’s results in a special issue of the journal of Central European Public Administration Review (CEPAR).
  • The presentation of the project content consisted of results obtained at local (DSU, etc.) and international (NISPAcee, EGPA, IASIA, etc.) scientific conferences.

The project team members integrated additional project content into the international framework through the bilateral project with Germany, Japan, etc. The part of the project content, especially the one related to Digital Era Governance and Smart Governance, is involved in both the TRP ATLAS project and the TRP HERCULES project. Therefore, despite the termination of the TRP HERMES project, further results and interesting insights can be expected in the future.

The members of the project team would like to thank everyone for their cooperation over the past three years. Everyone is also welcome to join the project team members in further exploring the Public Government area!