` Hermes

News, 29/1/2020

A number of activities have been performed on a project that have made an important contribution to statistical analysis (WP2) and the construction of a holistic public governance model (WP3):

  • So far, approximately 80 leaders have been interviewed in various PA institutions.
  • Construction of a prototype e-solution that will provide different PA users with benchmarks for accelerated implementation of the holistic model. The latter will act as a catalyst for the absorption of the model in individual segments of the PA, based on the deviations of each institution from the proposed situation with regard to individual elements of public governance.
  • Presentation of the paper entitled “A conceptual framework for evaluation of principles and models of public administration: some methodological issues and applications” at the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) annual conference.in Belfast, which took place in Belfast, Norther Ireland from 11 to 13 September.
  • Publication of the paper entitled “Public sector reform from the post-new public management perspective: review and bibliometric analysis” in the journal Central European Public Administration Review (CEPAR).
  • Acquisition of SRA bilateral projects (USA and Germany). The SRA bilateral project with Japan, however, is currently in the evaluation phase.
  • Several contributions have been prepared for internationally recognized conferences (NISPAcee, EGPA etc.) and scientific journals (CEPAR, Sustainability, etc.), whose presentation and publication is scheduled for 2020.

In the continuation, the activities will be primarily focused on the analysis of the situation within all key levels of public governance and related key institutions (both in Slovenia and in the participating countries within bilateral cooperations). This will serve as a sound scientific basis for developing a suitably holistic governance model (HGM). In addition, respondents' data and feedback will be meaningfully integrated into the development of an innovative software solution that will systematically guide users in public administration from the existing governance model to the HGM.